...a leap ahead!

The connected POS system
Efficient, Secure, GoBD-/KassenSichV-compliant
The enterprise solution for SMBs

IMPALA netPOS     Benefits

For your Stores...

  • Optimize your selling process with flexible and tailor made POS layouts.
  • Reduce your training efforts with our intuitive and easy to use POS system.
  • Pick a hardware configuration which fits your needs best.
  • No failure-prone wires, our POS system is on WiFi/cellular.
  • Increase your turnover by guided up- and cross selling, displaying the average check or gross margin right in the POS.
  • Correct application of taxes for in-house or to-go sales.
  • Benefit from the to-go tax advantage even in combo sales.
  • Enter orders and returns directly on the POS.
  • Functions like customer floating or post sales receipt printing make live easier for your cashiers
  • No data is ever lost due to defect hardware.

For your Headquarter ...

  • Easily manage your master data for all stores in all potential variations.
  • Activate changes to your master data time controlled always at the right point in time.
  • Monitor turnover data in real time.
  • Access reports on sales, turnover and master data at any time.
  • Obtain tailor made reports, customized for specific needs of your business.
  • Real-time dashboards enable you to act immediately wherever necessary.
  • Safe money on inexpensive POS hardware.
  • No long running contracts necessary for your new POS system.
  • POS workstations can be signed on or off on a monthly basis.
  • Our system is fully GoBD/KassenSichV compliant

IMPALA netPOS     ...certainly reliable!

  • Full GoBD/KassenSichV compliance: our system fulfills all current and future legal requirements.
  • Online updates ensure that you're always working with the latest software version of our system. You automatically profit from all developments, free of charge.
  • With the IMPALA IMPALA netPOS you'll never loose revenue due to defect hardware, as customer displays are easily reconfigured to a POS.
  • All of your data is stored in Germany in high security data centers.
  • Every transaction on the POS is recorded. This high level of transparency ensures a seamless financial audit.
  • You don't engage in long lasting binding contracts.
  • As no data can be changed in the stores accidental changes of prices, promotions or discounts, or even misuse of them, is completely eliminated.
  • We'll ensure to establish the necessary interfaces from our POS system to any system you use for your production processes.
  • With our system there are no limits to your business growth. Our system easily copes with 10 or even 10.000 installations.
  • On a monthly basis you can sign on or sign off as many POS as you'd like. This allows you to quickly react to increased business, events or seasonality.
  • We don't leave you out in the cold. We'll react quickly and solution oriented to your requests.

IMPALA netPOS     Operating Mode

  • IMPALA IMPALA netPOS comes in two pieces: a local APP on your tablet and a central web-based system.
  • The local POS APP can be installed on almost any Android tablet.
  • You don't need to purchase any tablets from eh2, but can choose whatever tablet fits your needs best.
  • You're free to choose the POS configuration which suits your store best. Our POS system can be fitted to many different tablet stands, pole systems or even integrated into your counter.
  • The individual POS workplaces communicate with the central server using standard internet protocols.
  • Our central system offers a extensive real time reporting system.
  • This central system is run by eh2 charging a usage-dependent fee.

IMPALA netPOS     Pictures and Screen Shots

IMPALA IMPALA netPOS on different devices

Ice cream booth

Ice cream booth in Magdeburg

HP Slate 21

HP Slate 21
21" device. Could be integrated into the counter.

Odys Tablet

Odys Tablet
Small and very inexpensive device



Screen shots IMPALA IMPALA netPOS

The following screen shots show data of our fictional franchise system "Buletten & Bier" (B&B, meaning "Meatloafs & Beer" ), which we use to test and demo the eh2 systems. Everything shown is purely fictional.

Starting screen B&B

Starting screen B&B
The starting screen shows the top-sellers and sub menus.

Starting screen Bakery

Starting screen Bakery
Larger device with 13" screen to show as many top-sellers as possible.


Deposits will be booked automatically for returnable bottles.

To-Go sale

To-Go sale
Eat-In/To-Go pop-up. Either with booking a PLU or afterwards.

Mixed Eat-In/To-Go

Mixed sales type
Both Eat-In and To-Go on one receipt, correctly taxed.

Payment screen

Payment screen
screen for Payment types, discounts and Eat-In/To-Go change.


The screenflow can be configured to jump to a new screen with complementary products.

Combo dialog

Combo dialog
Combos can be configured specifically to prompt the cashier a choice of predefined products. e.g. "choose any one soft drink"


Ingredients and allergens can be displayed on screen or be printed.

Post-sale receipt printing

Post-sale receipt printing
Receipts of the current shift can be handily found, printed or voided using the full text search.

Customer display

Customer display
The customer display can show single pictures or slide shows.

Customer display 7"

Customer display 7inch
Portrait 7" device as customer display.

Restaurant Table Plan

Table plan
graphical table plan

Screen shots Portal IMPALA IMPALA

Operational Dashboard

Complex reports and queries in real time

IMPALA netPOS     Stories

On our YouTube Channel, you can see IMPALA IMPALA netPOS in action.
The Volksfest Hof video is in german language but has english subtitles.
(By clicking on the following button, you will be leaving our site and go to website of "YouTube")
eh2 YouTube Channel eh2 YouTube Kanal


IMPALA netPOS     Functions and Features

  • Multiple operating modes
    • Over the counter
      • Multi Cashier
      • Single Cahsier
    • Table service
      • Master POS
      • Mobile POS
  • Customizable screen menus
    • Freely configurable grid of columns and rows
    • Position, height, length, color and name of each button can be defined individually
    • Sub menus and selling process can be freely configured
  • Integrated combo functionality
    • Individual products are put together to form a combo for one price only
    • Taxes for In-house or To-go according to the latest BMF regulations
    • Combo assortment choice, including surcharge
      • Combos with included and optional products can be easily set-up.
      • Optional products are then chosen by the customer out of a defined assortment.
      • Surcharges can be configured per product and will be automatically considered.
  • Tax benefits with proportial combo taxation
    • The proportional Tax fraction of items sold as a combo may be calculated from both prime cost or sales price. This frees you from the need to sell the whole combo at 19%, granting you a appreciable yet legal tax benefit.
  • Up-/Cross-selling
    • Up selling: Inquiry of the cashier if a larger option of the same product might be wanted by the customer. e.g. large coffee instead of regular. Supported by guiding the cashier to specific selection screen on the POS.
    • Cross selling: Inquiry if the customer would like to purchase an add on. E.g. creme with the cake?.
  • Gross margin guide
    • Product gross margins can be color coded on the individual PLU buttons. Like this the cashier can consider higher margins for sales suggestions.
  • Easy to operate void functionality
    • Quantity change and line voids
      • Quantities of a given sales item can be easily changed or voided
    • Total voids will purge the whole current bill
    • Post-sales void will cancel an completed transaction of the same shift
  • Post-sale receipt printing
    • Each and every receipt of the current shift can be re-printed.
    • Transactions of the current shift can be handily found using the full text search.
  • Mixed Tax receipt
    • The tax rate is defined per product. Tax rates can be either fixed or flexible depending on product and/or sales type.
    • Each POS workplace can be configured to book all sales as in-house or to-go.
    • In-House or to-go choice can be changed back and forth. Either for individual products or the complete bill.
    • You can define a set of critical PLUs for which the cashier will always be prompted to select the corresponding sales type (in-house or to-go).
    • The correct tax rate will be printed on the receipt for each single PLU.
    • Deposits will be considered correctly.
  • Well arranged table overview
    • Management of 100 tables with 10 parties each.
    • Comfortable bill splitting.
    • Easily move whole or partial bills to new tables.
  • Mobile order taking
    • Stand alone mobile POS. No master POS needed.
    • Layout and usability can be easily adapted to the smaller device, while maintaining complete functionality of a full-blown POS.
    • Usable on any modern Android device.
    • No permanent internet connection needed.
  • Kitchen Printing / Bar Printing
    • Items sold on the POS are additionally printed on another printer in the kitchen or at the bar to support your organizational processes.
  • Put aside function
    • Up to three selling processes can be put aside and kept open. This can be used to serve two customers at once, or suspend a sale for later.
  • Discounts
    • Discounts can be either set-up as percentage or as a fixed amount. E.g. 10% or 2EUR.
    • Deposits are always excluded from discounts
    • Discounts are distributed to the individual tax rates accordingly.
  • Anti-fraud transaction log
    • Every activity on the POS is immediately stored in the transaction log. Especially sales and voids.
    • The transaction log is write only and can not be changed or deleted.
    • This allows for a consistent examination of all POS activities.
    • Our anti-fraud transaction log leaves no room for interpretation in case of a financial audit.
  • GoBD/KassenSichV compliant
    • All current and future legal requirement will be fulfilled.
  • Digital Signage: Marketing activities on the customer display or dedicated marketing screen
    • Pictures and marketing slides can be shown on the customer display or on separate dedicated screens.
    • All currently available LCD TVs or Android tablets can be utilized.
  • Allergen and ingredient information
    • Allergen and ingredient information can be displayed on the POS screen or printed for the customer.
  • Orders and returns on the POS
    • Return shipments are entered directly on the POS terminal and are considered for reporting and ordering.
    • Orders are entered accordingly
      • Scheduled deliveries
      • Products are grouped by distributor and product group
      • Relevant key figures like last order quantity, return quantity, etc are displayed during order entry.
      • Individual product prices and the total sum are displayed dynamically during order entry.
  • Central configuration and administration
    • Each POS device, customer display or marketing screen is configured in our central system
      • Since no local configuration is necessary there is no need for traveling from store to store to update POS systems.
      • Master data can not be changed locally. No local changes, accidental or abusive, are possible, especially on process, discounts or combos.
    • Master data changes can be time controlled. Meaning it's possible to activate certain attributes at a defined date and time. E.g. price changes can be maintained ahead of time and then activated at a certain point in time.
    • Every POS will pull it's latest configuration and master data at the POS open of a new booking date.
    • Updating the configuration or master data for a POS can also be easily initiated locally.
    • Every POS is sending it's transactions to the central server in regular intervals. This allows you to monitor your business in almost real time.
  • PLU Pricing
    • All PLUs have a standard price
    • Price differences can be maintained on a store group level, allowing for different prices in different stores.
    • Store groups are maintained multi-dimensional, which allows for far more options than the widely used price tiers.
      • It's for example possible to maintain the standard price for a cup of coffee as 2,00€, but for airport stores a price of 3,00€ is defined. A second configuration could be to have a standard price of 0,30€ for ketchup, but some special stores sell ketchup cheaper. These stores would then be maintained in a store group "low priced ketchup".
      • Every store can now be put into one of these store-groups, and would receive it's correct pricing.
      • Even just a few of these store-group based configurations would demand a far greater amount of price tiers.
  • Payment accounts with and without credit line
    • central administration of unlimited payment accounts (create, credit, reset, grant or revoke credit line, ...)
    • use as credit or debit card for key accounts and business customers
    • payment is booked against account by scanning a barcode
    • weekly or monthly payment run for credit payment
    • detailed reporting on the buying behaviours of the card holders
    • enables customer loyalty measures like free bread upon 10th purchase
  • Reporting
    • Central reporting. All reports are accessed from one place. Everything is readily available centrally.
    • Our reporting solution is accessible with all internet ready devices. You just need a modern browser.
    • Reports are generated in multiple outputs: PDF, MS Excel-File, csv-File, Text-File.
  • Canned Reporting
    Standard reports for the daily operations
    • Daily closing per store and booking date
      • Total sum of all POS balances, including differences, total amount of customers, average check
      • This reports shows all sales and the total revenue of a booking day of a particular store. All figures necessary for the financial reporting can be found. Like: payment type, discounts, average check, comparable sales, etc.
    • POS balance report, including a detailed overview of all shifts
      • Time of the shift, cashier, revenue, taxes, payment types (cash, card, other), discounts, voids, average check, count of customers, cash difference.
      • This reports supports the daily operations of a store. All of the figures from a standard POS balance report are included. Additionally you'll get a comprehensive overview of the whole booking date, of all shifts, cashiers, timings, average check, performance, etc. A total overview of the store is at the end of the report.
    • Sales report per store
      • Sales and revenue of each PLU in a given store. Ordered by product group.
      • This report provides an extensive overview of all sold products. Evaluating the operational performance becomes quick and easy..
    • Master data report including button
      • Master data report showing the complete set of products, PLUs, prices, taxes, button configuration.
      • The master data reports provides a broad overview of the complete data structure.
    • Transaction report per POS and booking date
      • Summary of all transactions (sales and revenue) of a booking date
      • This report shows on a very detailed level each and every transaction allowing you to check even single transactions.
  • Analyzing functions
    • In addition to the canned reporting you have the possibility to analyze your data multidimensional.
    • Currently provided are analysis concerning customer performance, ABC categories, sales frequency, etc. More reports can be generated by request.
    • PLUs can be tagged, which can then be used as selection or grouping criteria. This can used to group product outside of the product hierarchy. e.g. seasonal products or promotional products.
  • Web-based
    • The central IMPALA IMPALA netPOS functions don't require any software installations, upgrades or maintenance. It can be accessed using any modern internet browser, including those on tablet computers and smart-phones.
  • Easy to use front end
    • The user interface of all eh2 modules is based on well known web interface components. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Data Protection
    • All technical installations are operated in professional data centers in Germany, respecting the data protection laws there. The data of individual customers are stored in technically separate systems. Any network communication is performed via encrypted channels only.
  • 24/7 Service:
    • The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Powerful
    • Due to modern technologies and foresighted software design, the system has no limitations whatsoever concerning volume, number of product, stores, and such.
  • Development
    • You benefit from all current and future developments, without any expenses for maintenance or updates
    • Do you have additional requirements? Our system is being developed in an agile manner, and we would be happy to integrate your requirements.
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