SERVAL Ordering SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare

SERVAL SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare is an order management system developed specifically for catering and hospitality in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. It was designed to take process quality, security and efficiency to the next level, both on the ward and in the kitchen, at a competitive price. Transmission errors from paper sheets and excel lists are a thing of the past; the well-designed software supports you in adhering to the prescribed dietary requirements, using an automated custom interface to your patient data. No matter if the dietary prescription was changed, if special requirements or requests exist or if the patient was transferred to another ward or bed, the kitchen has the information in real-time. Stop throwing away food prepared wrong or in excess. On top of that, a patient's order history stays available unlimitedly and can be looked up when needed. Our systems allows for constant documentation and reporting.

SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare

SERVAL SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare is a cloud software solution with centralized data storage using an Android mobile device for input and control. It can be integrated into existing infrastructure, adapting very flexible thanks to its modern interface technology, without need for large investments. There are no charges for maintenance or updates. Using the App on tablets that can be cleaned down to meet infection control requirments is easily learned by staff and will optimize operational procedures while helping reduce your food cost. Patients can be systematically informed about their diet, ingredients and allergens of their meals so staff can focus on the principal thing: caring for the patient.

SERVAL Ordering     6 easy steps from ordering to serving

SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare Info

(1) The orderly logs on using the tables and chooses the ward. Patient data and open orders are loaded.
(2) The patient chooses a meal from choices on her/his prescribed diet.
(3) Special requests or intolerances and allergies can be added to any position.
(4) When all orders have been entered, there's a final check by supervising nurse.
(5) After clearance, orders are sent to the kitchen. Production overview reports, production line reports, tablet meal cards and much more are available.
(6) Thanks to the color-coded tablet meal cards, every meal find it's way to the right patient.

SERVAL Ordering     Intelligently networked

SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare Processes

  • low operating cost
  • lean setup
  • centrally managed
  • permanent documentation, auditing and reporting
  • optimizes your foodcost

Integrate all patient, staff and visitor meals into one system, settle using as POS system, or transfer to finance/accounting. Connect the kitchen, cafeteria, kiosk, canteen, ward kitchenette or external caterers, while maintaining the overview. Besides the regular meals, it's also possible to bill additional sales. Using the Hospitality Feature, you can order out-of-process meals for latecomers or for accompanying parents. These run on a separate kitchen screen and bill printer, to allow for flexible handling. SERVAL SERVAL Ordering for Healthcare is a cloud-based system with central data storage. As such, it can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, and adapts nicely due to it's modern interface technology. All needed interfaces are created by us, tailored to your needs. This eliminates all hassle with unsuitable standardized interfaces.

SERVAL Ordering     Bird's eye on the whole process

SERVAL Ordering für GV

Supports preparation of meals

Optimize distribution logistics using a list of parts for each preparation station. Central data storage ensures loading and disbursement are totally independent of location and can be configured individually.

All information at a glance

The meals cards not only show the patient and his order, but also the dietary requirements including a colour coding.

Prepared for orders out-of-the-process

A separate kitchen screen with bill printer receives special requirements and extra meals, e.g. for parents staying overnight. Also, patients moving to another ward or checking in late get into focus and can be served accordingly.

SERVAL Ordering     Screenshots

Overview- and Start-Screen

Overview- and Start-Screen
The overview and start screen shows all entered and pending orders.

Meal Selection

Meal selection screen
Selection screen with status of all meals

Meal Entry

Meal Entry Screen
Entering the meal details using checkboxes

Detail Info

Detail info about orderable articles
Detail informationen, e.g. about ingredients, allergens ets are immediately available.

Special Requests

Special Requests
Special requests and requirements can be entered into a free text field

Kitche Screen

Kitchen Screen
Kitchen screen showing hospitality orders outside the regular meals.


SERVAL Ordering     Functions and Features

  • Well-arranged start screen with bar graph about order status and number of patients.
  • Multiple options for patient selection
    • List view of all pending orders, with ward/department selection
    • Scanning patient ID (QR or barcode)
    • Entering patients date of birth
  • Identity verification screen
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Patient ID
    • Dietary requirements
  • Freely configurable meal menus
    • Supports different diets per meal
    • Custom course sections to improve clarity of menu
    • Detailed product information: photo, ingredients, allergenes, tables and free text
    • Supports routine variations in menus (e.g. fish on Fridays, boiled egg on Sundays, ...)
    • User may add free text notes and requests to order items
  • Orders editable until the end of the ordering period, with an (optional) configurable late order / grace period
  • No print or paper costs due to digital process
  • Comprehensive reporting directly on the tablet
    • Orders by patients
    • Convenient filtering
    • Clear statement of all entered orders
    • Every order of the running day can be printed as often as needed
  • Versatile and adaptive portal reporting
    • Stable web-based reporting
    • Configurable by customer's requests, e.g. summation of all soup orders for preparation/cooking in one go
    • Data and reports are concentrated in one place, there is no need for data imports on different devices
    • The app has various reports already built in
    • Useable from all internet-enabled devices
    • Reports can be downloaded as PDF, Excel, CSV or text
  • Hospitality Feature for orders outside the regular meal schedules
    • For patients transferred on short notice, or check-in in at an unusual time
    • Extra meal for parents staying over
    • Eases management and potential billing of extra orders
  • Kitchen screen for hospitality
    • Chronological clear layout
    • Automatically reloading screen
    • Every new order is automatically printed as kitchen ticket
    • Every kitchen ticket can be reprinted when needed

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