eh2 Business Efficiencies

BI - Business Intelligence

Large sums of money are paid every year by large companies for business intelligence (BI) solutions. BI solutions allow you to easily control your goals and validate your operational and strategic decisions. We can provide small and medium sized businesses with these tools and profound consulting for affordable pricing. Data processing and analysis is possible not only on data from our IMPALA netPOS, but can also be done on imported data from third party systems. With the eh2 BI you can raise you controlling capabilities very cost efficient to a new level. No local installations or configurations are needed to achieve this, you can even access everything from any device connected to the internet.

Eh2 BI is provided to you preconfigured with a base line solution in a very cost efficient way. Multiple configurations and drill-downs are already provided ins this base line installation. It’s nevertheless possible to individually configure your system to your specific needs; everything scales easily with your business growth up to industry standards. There are no limits to your requirements and business growth. And on top of that there will be no costs for system migration if your needs are expanded.

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Since all the data is stored and provided centrally it’s very easy to export data to third party applications. Standard downloads are provided as Excel, PDF or CSV documents. It’s even possible to access the multi dimensional database directly from excel.

Standard Reporting

All reports are generated based on currently available real time data. You can easily define authorizations on every possible organisational level, from the whole company down to a single store. This can be very attractive for any kind of franchise or chain store business. Any kind of daily operational reporting can be set-up according to your specific needs, e.g. daily revenue figures are sent out automatically to the store managers at 8:00 am. Our central approach makes storing or forwarding additional copies of reports completely redundant.


Standardised and custom tailored KPI-Dashboards give you the overview of the current performance of all of your stores. These could be displayed e.g. on a dedicated wall mounted monitor, or can even be accessed from your smart phone.

POS Dashboard BI Dashboard

Benchmarking / Controlling

Extensive performance monitoring and controlling possibilities become reality with the employment of our multi dimensional database. You can quite easily examine trends of e.g. check average, sales figures on multiple levels, number of customers sales, and many more. We can even provide cross references to external data, like business forecast and planning figures from your account department.